Licensed Character: Highly desirable Quby promotional gift ideas to boost your campaigns


In the world of marketing and branding, promotional gifts play a crucial role in building brand recognition and customer loyalty. One effective way to make your promotional gifts stand out is by incorporating licensed characters into your merchandise.

Licensed characters, such as animated cartoons, have a strong appeal to people of all ages and can create a sense of nostalgia and connection. To make your promotional gift or merchandise even more impactful, add some personalisation touches with your brand logo and message. This will ensure that your brand is prominently displayed whenever the gift is used, further increasing brand visibility and recall.

The next character for our licensed character series is the rosy-cheeked Quby. In this article, we will be looking at:-

  • Key benefits of choosing licensed characters for your promotional gifts

  • Examples of promotional gift ideas featuring the cute Quby

  • Examples of collaborative campaigns by various brands featuring Quby

Believe it, these gift ideas will not only enhance your brand visibility — but also resonate with your target audience in an even more effective way.

Adding some fun and playfulness to your Quby-themed promotional gift items

Incorporating licensed characters into your promotional gifts is a surefire way to create a lasting impression and increase brand visibility. The Quby licensed character offers a wide range of promotional gift ideas that appeal to people of all ages. From practical items like bags, home accessories, and travel essentials to collectible figurines, there is something for everyone.

Using a well-known character will generate immediate market recognition for your product — and this creates buzz around your product. This will then increase your product sales and profits. Your product will reach new target groups and have a strong competitive edge over similar products on the market.

By pairing up a series of gift ideas that are high in practicality and high usability with attractive designs, you get to present your brand exclusivity in an impactful way. Here, we have gathered several Quby-themed promotional gift examples by various brands that are trendy and desirable.

Travel bag

A nicely designed travel bag featuring the adorable character in this collaborative promotional campaign by Watsons and Dove. Durable, versatile with ample storage space — this gift idea is surely a top hit among Watsons and Quby fans. Image credit: Leesharing, Watsons/Facebook

Eco-friendly Fashionable Shopping Tote

A promotional tote like this less-is-more designed grocery tote launched for a campaign by Darlie in collaboration with Quby. Image credit: Darlie/Facebook

Why we like it: Work effectively as walking billboards, promotional bags are impactful gift ideas because they increase brand visibility everywhere they go. As a result, your brand enjoys more exposure and increased brand recognition and awareness.

For instance, a nice-looking travel weekender duffle bag that is both stylish and trendy. We love the colour combination presented in the Quby travel bag which brings out an exquisite vibe that won’t go out of style. Perfect for any occasions, whether it’s for a weekend trip, or even to the gym, the generous storage space certainly comes in handy.

As for a minimalistic grocery tote that can be easily carried along with you during a grocery shopping or simply as a shoulder bag to accentuate your weekend fashionable OOTD — either way, your brand will receive the brand recall it desires (while promoting a sustainable lifestyle and green message. Why not.) With its ample customising space, you can freely add your preferred designs, logo and message to complement your campaign. 

Ideal for: promotional giveaway, redemption gift, event swag, limited-time only spend-n-win collectible, exclusive merchandise

Attractive laptop sleeve

Another promotional gift idea, an adorable Quby laptop sleeve that comes with ample customisation space for designs that accentuate your campaign. Image credit: Leesharing, Watsons/Facebook

Why we like it: A padded laptop sleeve that you can easily pack away into a bag for extra convenience, or carry it under your arm for easy transport of your work life when your laptop is not in use. This adorable Quby laptop sleeve is water resistant and it comes with a protective quilted padding, secured with a solid zipper — keeping your laptops and tablets protected while you’re on the go.

It’s easy to carry and reusable. A wonderful promotional gift that promotes eco-friendliness and sustainable lifestyle. What’s more, we love just how the adorable Quby character design adds the fun touch to the user experience.

Ideal for: promotional giveaway, redemption campaign, exclusive merchandise, employee swag


This is yet another licensed character project we have worked on for Unilever’s Rexona, in their recent promotional campaign. Featuring a series of practical promotional gifts with the adorable Quby in various sports actions. Image credit: Leesharing, Unilever/Facebook, Shopee

Why we like it: A quick dry cooling towel, like this one we have designed for Rexona’s promotional campaign, is a desirable gift item that many customers would opt for. Featuring a series of practical promotional gifts with the adorable Quby in various sports actions, the cooling towel comes in two different designs. The sporty vibe alongwith the cute design enhances the look-and-feel of these towels. Practical to use when you’re heading out for a quick swim, or a weekend trip — this functional promotional gift idea has a high usability and brand recall!

Ideal for: promotional campaign giveaway, redemption giveaway, limited-time only merchandise

Quick dry cooling towels available in two different designs, featuring Quby in various sports actions. Image credit: DTC World

Cushion pillow

One of the Rexona x Quby series of promotional gift items, this huggable Quby cushion pillow is a much sought-after exclusive collectible among Quby fans. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: Not only is this character cushion pillow an exclusive collectible, its soft and plush material has a very comfortable touch-n-feel. Perfect for the couch or office chair,  this washable decorative display item has a high usability — perfect to reward your loyal patrons during your limited-time-only campaign. Highly desirable as a home décor accessory for any Quby fans — customers will love snuggling up with this cute and cuddly pillow, creating a positive association with your brand.

Ideal for: promotional campaign giveaway, redemption campaign giveaway, commemorative limited edition merchandise

Why Choose Licensed Characters for Promotional Gifts?

Marvel, DC, Warner Brothers, or Cartoon Network. Licensed characters have a unique ability to capture the attention and hearts of consumers. They evoke feelings of familiarity, joy, and excitement, making them the perfect choice for promotional gifts.

And we know the in’s and out’s to make the entire ‘how-to’ process in securing your ultimate licensed character much easier for you. So, why not let us handle the difficult part of the job for you?

With our ongoing collaborative networking with many licensors, exclusivity is within reach. On top of that, our team of designers know what works best on a head-turner merchandise design — capturing the essence of these characters, and ultimately, optimising the impact for your brand.

Incorporating licensed characters into your merchandise can:

Key benefits of incorporating licensed characters into your merchandise

  • Create a memorable experience: Licensed characters are often associated with beloved stories and memories. When customers receive a promotional gift featuring a licensed character, it creates a memorable experience that they will associate with your brand.

  • Increase brand recognition: You can leverage the existing popularity and recognition of these characters to boost your brand visibility. When customers see the licensed character, they will instantly connect it with your brand.

  • Evoke emotional connection: Licensed characters have a way of evoking strong emotional connections with people. By associating your brand with a beloved character, you can tap into these emotions and create a deeper connection (and engagement) with your customers.

  • Stand out from competitors: In a crowded marketplace, it's essential to differentiate your brand from competitors. Using licensed characters in your promotional gifts sets you apart and makes your brand more memorable and appealing.

And while you’re here, make sure to check out our Showcase, where you will find various design inspirations of popular licensed characters, featured in collaborative promotional campaigns by different brands to capture their targeted audience.


Beauty — Detangler comb

A Quby detangler comb in one of Unilever’s promotional campaigns. Image credit: NTUC/Facebook

Home décor — Scented candles

Another example of a collaborative licensed character campaign by Kotex, featuring a series of Quby scented candles: Lotus’s/Facebook

Drinkware — Tumblers

An example of a promotional Quby vacuum flask that is both easy to carry and convenient. Image credit:

The Quby vacuum flask comes in various colours and designs. Image credit:

Rewarding its loyal customers with this series of Quby foldable bottles that comes in four different designs, Kotex makes sure to keep its promotional campaigns vibrant, fun yet practical. Image credit: Kotex/Facebook

One of the Rexona x Quby series of promotional gift items, an easy-carry sports tumbler, featuring a 3D Quby figurine. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: For customers on the move, a practical and stylish sports tumbler is a must-have. Combining functionality with a fun 3D figure design of Quby, this on-the-go tumbler will surely make sports enthusiasts and Quby fans alike very happy.

We like the complementing features of this tumbler, like the secure lid and a straw for convenient sipping while you’re on the go. Whether your customers are heading to the gym, office, or a picnic, they can enjoy their favorite beverages while showcasing a sustainable lifestyle through this exclusive tumbler.

To make this promotional gift even more appealing, consider offering it in a range of vibrant colours and designs. You can also customise the tumbler with your brand logo and tagline, ensuring that your brand is always in the spotlight.

Ideal for: redemption campaign giveaway, commemorative limited edition merchandise, exclusive campaign collectible

Kitchenware — Plates and bowls

An elegant licensed ceramic serving plate is a timeless, much sought-after promotional gift which customers adore. Image credit: Unilver, 7-Eleven/Facebook,

An exquisite design plus a popular licensed character is what makes this ceramic serving plate a desirable collectible item among Quby fans. Image credit: Unilver, 7-Eleven/Facebook,

Why we like it: You can never go wrong with kitchenware. An elegant ceramic dinnerware, like a classy ceramic serving plate or bowl, will always be loved by just anyone! Practical as it gets, a licensed kitchenware can instantly add a touch of prestige and exclusivity to your promotional gift item making it a popular collectible.

Ideal for: redemption campaign giveaway, commemorative limited edition merchandise, exclusive collectible

Storage containers

A promotional storage container like this custom printed Quby-themed glass jars surely comes in handy when you want to keep any food items or the little knick-knacks — all neat and organised. Image credit: Darlie/Facebook

Why we like it: An aesthically tasteful storage container can effectively accentuate the décor of your kitchen space. A great promotional gift idea for any industry and brand to effectively entice and impress your targetted audience during any campaign or event.

Ideal for: promotional campaign, redemption giveaway

Pureen X Quby Travel Pack Baby Wash

Image credit: Pureen/Facebook

Why we like it: With a four-season design theme featuring the adorable Quby, this special edition 4-in-1 travel pack by Pureen is what most mothers adore! Convenient and cute, moms and the little ones would love this easy-carry essential baby toiletries set that’s perfect when going on a trip. Smart incorporation of design and shape that is immediately noticeable, it is a worthy investment for your budget to rake in some effective marketing and branding ROI. Simple yet elegant, minimal yet impactful.

Ideal for: promotional campaign, on-pack packaging idea

Iconic Medicare X Quby Exclusive Merchandise

An example of an aesthetically pleasant series of promotional items launched by Iconic Medicare, featuring the cute Quby. Image credit: Iconic Medicare/Facebook

Why we like it: The selection of items and packaging designs are brilliant and attractive. From bags, to storage items, the designs are simple yet elegant, minimal yet impactful

Ideal for: promotional campaign, on-pack packaging idea

Let DTC World assist you to secure your preferred licensed characters to boost your brand

We have you covered!

Further enhance your promotional gift with a popular licensed character of your choice. Elevate the exclusivity and value of your gifting campaigns by giving your customers a little ‘extra’ — you could enhance the brand impression in your customer’s eyes.

We offer a wide range of personalised options for you to choose from — to suit your promotional budget and bespoke branding requirements. Whether it’s a stand alone promotional gift, or a comprehensive gift set featuring different complementary items — you could always explore endless possibilities in customising through various materials and designs.

If you want to add more creative elements to your desired licensed characters — but not quite sure how to get things started — get in touch with us today to find out how to do it the impactful way.

Speak to us today!


Closing Thoughts

What makes a good promotional gift? To us, we strongly believe that it needs to showcase your brand presence in an impactful way, all at the same time, providing a lasting impression for the recipients. The act of showcasing personalised touches of exclusivity, providing some memento elements through relevant licensed characters would create an even more impactful success — bringing home the bacon.

At the end of the day, the main considerations of deciding the ideal gift don’t run away from the design impact, functionality, representation, cost-effectiveness — as well as, material quality and product durability. Although gift choices are getting more by the day, you would want to select the gift that reflects your company’s values in a thoughtful way. 

We understand you are constantly looking for something distinctive, one-of-a-kind to enhance your brand visibility — and ultimately, elevate your sales volume. If you’d love to find out more about any one of the Quby-themed promotional gift ideas we have shared in this article, or perhaps you would like to explore other licensed characters, just put our team to work — and our product and gift experts would be more than happy to fill you in.

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