Our Commitment
To Sustainability

Executive Statement

Our Commitment

As a business dealing in volume, our founders are acutely aware of the footprint our industry has on the world at large. Our importing standards and practices play a big role in holding ourselves and others responsible for their sustainability practices throughout their business activities.

From material sourcing and selection to fair human resource practices, sustainability goes beyond practices. Sustainability is to us a philosophy of doing business.

DTC World believes that our Commitment to Sustainability is a sharpening our of our competitive edge despite the costs involved. It is an investment that would yield returns throughout the value chain.

Hence, we have embarked on various initiatives and certification processes to align ourselves with our philosophy.

Our Vision

We envision a community of responsible and educated citizens who are environmentally conscious, practice social responsibility in their daily lives and inspire others to do the same. We are committed to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner while balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders.

We strive to be a leader in corporate citizenship and contribute to sustainable development, caring for our employees and customers, seeking to enrich the quality of life for the communities in which we operate, and serve as good stewards of society and the environment. The diagram explains our overall approach to ensuring that we deliver on our CSR Commitments. Driven by our core values, the areas of CSR that we work within are Our People, Our Business, Our Environment and Our Communities.

By doing so, DTC World positions itself as the premier Sustainability-Focused Premiums & POS Merchandise partner in Asia.


Our Promise

DTC World strives to provide high quality, well-designed and timely solutions to our clients that are fabricated from sustainable sources.

Our Approach

We are cognizant of the evolution of the global supply chains to be more responsible and sustainable. To align and to contribute to the global supply chain, DTC World has taken steps towards internationally recognised certifications such as Ecovadis Gold Certification, and Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA).

Going beyond certification, our consultants also educate and communicate the importance of such practices and frameworks up and down our supply chain so that as an ecosystem, we are eco-friendly.

Our Approach is clear, to be certified and work with those who are certified throughout the value chain.

Our customers and suppliers are concerned about how they impact the world, and we share their sentiments, and align with them, and together, we leave the right type of impact on the world together.