How To Make Your GWP and Marketing Campaigns Unique With These 17 Creative Promotional Gift Ideas


The best promotional items are creative and incredibly memorable. These unique, eye-catching giveaways during promotional campaigns or limited-time-only offers by various brands surely turn heads, get shared on social media platforms — and simply get people talking about them; because nobody wants to miss out on what’s viral and trending. 

As a marketer, selecting creative and unique promotional gift ideas also exudes the message that your brand is daring to try something new and non-conventional. In this blog, we will be looking at a mixture of unique gift ideas that accompany some of the brands during their GWP campaigns or seasonal promotional events. From drinkware to tote bags and tech gadgets, these creative, functional, and beyond memorable GWP ideas have successfully stirred the customers’ interest — boosting sales and loyalty for the brand.

Creative promotional items that make you go ‘wow’

In this ever-competitive world, where everything is moving at such a fast pace, brand owners are always trying to stand out from their competitors. Yes, ‘dare to be different’, which means you don’t have to settle for the same old, boring swag or promotional gift ideas.

Offer your customers something that they have not seen before (at least not by your competitors). Give them something that is exclusive, one-of-a-kind that makes a functional collectible. Here’s some of the interesting and unique promotional gift ideas for your brand to make a bigger impression with your customers!

  1. Weight-Shaped Disc Frisbee

  2. Timberland Boots USB

  3. Timberland Wooden Wireless Charger

  4. Corona Cooler Box

  5. Budweiser-Light Up Pint Glass

  6. Kirin Sakura Colour-Changing Glass

  7. Tiger Soju Colour-Changing Glass

  8. Colgate Luminarc Colour-Changing Tumbler

  9. Vodka Popsicle Flask

  10. Coca-Cola Stainless Steel Bottle

  11. Texas Chicken ‘Chicky’ Sling Bag

  12. Kronenbourg 1664 Rose Tote Bag

  13. KitKat Travel Pouch

  14. Pokka x Miffy Limited Collectibles

  15. Children Blanket and Pillow

  16. Huggies Portable Baby Bath Tub

  17. Anmum Kids Play Table

Weight-Shaped Disc Frisbee

IAMS wants you to know how strong your dog can be by eating their kibble, through this witty promotional giveaway item — a weight disc frisbee. Image source:

Why is it unique: There’s a reason why playing cards are still considered one of the most entertaining ways to pass time. Laughter, excitement, competing and the desire to win — and you get to experience all of this through that deck of cards. (We suppose these cards do come in handy during the pandemic lockdown.) Regardless of the situation, a deck of retro playing cards is indeed a thoughtful gift to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Ideal for: GWP, campaign giveaway or promotional event swag, redemption gift

Timberland Boots USB Flash Drive


Image source: Carousel

Why is it unique: How can you say no to this fun and befitting GWP idea by American manufacturer and retailer of outdoor footwear, Timberland. Behind the signature design of the original yellow boot is a portable (and yes, stylish) USB stick that you can easily carry with you. A fun idea for any footwear or apparel brand.

Ideal for: GWP, campaign giveaway or promotional event swag, redemption gift

Timberland Wooden Wireless Charger

Image credit: TheSmartLocal

Why is it unique: The raw and natural vibe through the dusty brown and wooden plank colour tones certainly elevates the look-and-feel of this gift idea. Pair the wireless charger with an elegant velvety pouch to give it a more wholesome look. Adding an eco-friendly element to the overall design of this sleek wireless charger, we must say this is surely one of the coolest promotional tech gadgets we have seen so far!

Ideal for: GWP, campaign giveaway or promotional event swag, redemption gift

Corona Cooler Box

Image source: Corona, Facebook

Why is it unique: Exclusive, elegant and very much desirable. A very good-looking portable cooler box that is going to be the talk of the town (and definitely, the beach). With an ample personalisation space to incorporate your brand logo and text, this versatile promotional cooler box makes a good gifting idea for beverage brands as well as any other industry.

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway

Budweiser-Light Up Pint Glass

Image source:

Why is it unique: Need we say more? This epic goal-synced Red Light Cup from Budweiser surely brings on the cheer and applause in an innovative way. Creative and captivating ideas used in drinkwares are constantly evolving. If a light-emitting glass is not your thing, how about a colour-changing tumbler? Surely one of the trendiest and most sought after promotional gift items (of-all-time) we have seen in the market. 

Ideal for: GWP, campaign, anniversary commemorative giveaway, redemption gift

Kirin Sakura Colour-Changing Glass, Tiger Soju Colour-Changing Glass


Image source: Facebook, Lazada

Why is it unique: Because the glass changes colour! Simple, yet interesting at the same time. Perfect promotional gift idea for your customers that is also an exclusive collectible. The glass’ colour-changing feature is sure to get the guests, at a party or a social gathering, talking about the beer brand — while savouring the beer all at the same time. A brilliant marketing tool!

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway

Colgate Luminarc Colour-Changing Tumbler

You can always check out the endless designs of colour-changing tumblers and flasks DTC World has in store for your marketing campaigns. Image source: Shopee

Why is it unique: Not only are they reusable (perfect as a branding tool to promote sustainability), these colour-changing tumblers are fun and eye-catching. Featuring a customisable exterior design which makes it an ideal beverage companion at the office, gym or even a nearby cafe down the alley — these promotional tumblers make a practical promotional swag for customers during events or campaigns. Brand it with a popular licensed character of your choice — and it becomes a much sought-after collectible item that your customers can’t wait to get their hands on!

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway, collectibles, redemption gift

Vodka Popsicle Flask

Image source: Mommy Needs Vodka

Why is it unique: This is one of those promotional gift items that you don’t need to know why you need it — you just simply want it. Package it in a box that features a complementing design, it is going to make heads turn as the customers walk along the aisle.

Ideal for: Campaign or promotional event giveaway, collectibles, redemption gift

Coca-Cola Stainless Steel Bottle

Image source: Shopee

Why is it unique: The iconic red colour on the bottle is simply eye-catching. Stainless steel bottles are a versatile promotional gift idea which you can effortlessly customise according to your campaign or event. From colour choice to design inspiration, these sleek bottles never go out of style.

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway, redemption gift

Texas Chicken ‘Chicky’ Sling Bag


Texas Chicken is surely getting ‘chicky’ with it. Image source: Texas Chicken, Instagram

Why is it unique: A fun and entertaining anniversary giveaway promotional item to celebrate the popular fast food restaurant chain’s 13th birthday, Texas Chicken surely knows how to get ‘chicky’ with this limited-time-only exclusive sling bag. Available for redemption with every purchase made, fans are rushing to the nearest Texas outlet to get their hands on this chicken bag!

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway, collectibles, redemption gift

Promotional tote bags are an evergreen and practical promotional gift idea for practically any brand out there. Offering a great flexibility to personalise the design and shape you desire, collectible tote bags also promote sustainability, as an impactful alternative to single-use plastic bags. Read about the “5 Tips To Turn Your Brands Into Creative Tote Bags” and “7 Tote Bags Loved By Marketers” to boost your marketing campaigns as you offer your customers something remarkable and thoughtful.

Kronenbourg 1664 Rose Tote Bag

Image source: FairPrice SG, Facebook

Why is it unique: With an elegant and a fashionable design like this, we suppose any lady wouldn’t mind making this tote bag her daily on-the-go wardrobe essential. Fabric choices are limitless when it comes to tote bags; ranging from PU leather to nylon, canvas, and jute. Practical and sassy, a gift idea that never goes out of style.

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway, redemption gift

KitKat Travel Pouch

Image source: KitKat, Shopee

Why is it unique: Travel pouches are one of the trending giveaway-ready travel promotional items that can leave a huge impression among your customers. Because they are easily snugged to be taken on the go, they are a perfect way to drum up endless new exposure for your brand.

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway, redemption gift

Pokka x Miffy Limited Collectibles


Licensed characters are great in boosting your brand presence. Due to their exquisite designs, customers often go after these collectibles merchandise when they are launched during promotional campaigns. Image source:

Why is it unique: A series of redeemable limited edition collectibles by Pokka, in collaboration with Miffy, the famous rabbit character certainly adds a touch of cuteness to the seasonal promotional merchandise, making them highly desirable, not-to-be-missed gifts.

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway, redemption gift

Children Blanket and Pillow


Image source: Shopee

Why is it unique: Promotional items for the kids are yet another ‘not-to-be-missed’ idea. Keeping the gift ideas practical and relevant, you could also be creative in the design and colour choices to blend into the end product. 

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway, redemption gift

Huggies Portable Baby Bath Tub

Image source: Shopee

Why is it unique: Mummies love it, so do the little ones. Material selection, design inspiration and colour combinations — this gift just hits all the right notes as an ideal promotional gift idea.  Apart from selecting different sizes and specs, you could easily add personalised touches on the ample space throughout the item. A thoughtful gift that moms would appreciate (while promoting your brand to their friends!)

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway, redemption gift

Anmum Kids Play Table

Image source: Facebook

Why is it unique: Certainly one of the happy gifts for all kids! A good promotional item that brings some extra fun to keep the little ones entertained at your next kid-specific marketing event. This one-of-a-kind kids promotional item for children of all ages will help ensure that your brand leaves a positive impression on everybody, young and old.

Ideal for: GWP, campaign or promotional event giveaway

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Closing Thoughts

What makes a good promotional gift product? We believe it all boils down to the design impact, functionality, representation, cost-effectiveness, as well as, material quality and product durability. Whether it’s glassware to accompany your favourite beverage, or an exclusive licensed promotional tote or pouch to bring along with you when you’re on the go — we understand you are always looking for something distinctive, one-of-a-kind to enhance your brand presence and ultimately, elevate your sales volume.

If you’d like to discover any of these unique and refreshing promotional gift ideas we’ve shared with you in this article, just put our team to work. Let us guide you along the selection process to achieve your desired promotional or gifting pieces.

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