Gift with Purchase Promotions in Malaysia (GWP) Nov'2021


There are different kinds of promotions such as the discount promotion and the gift with purchase gwp. Gift with Purchase is where a company offers a free item in order to persuade people to buy the product, so that they can sell more than if there was no special offering on it.


The main thing about these promotions is that:

1) People already know how much the items cost before buying them;

2) When the promotion is over, customers are more likely to purchase the focal product again after the promotion.


Gift with Purchase (gwp) is a promotional strategy, often done by providing something extra or free on top of an already-purchased product from the company. This can make any type of purchase feel more special, as customers get to receive one item after another without feeling too pressured about making additional purchases. Gwp promotions and sales may be used across multiple brands at once too.


When companies and brands provide free gifts to their customers for purchases, the free gifts can be digital items, coupons, household items, lifestyle merchandise and almost anything under the sun! The best gifts are ones that make your recipients say “Wow,” or more importantly buy again!

See below to view some of the latest gwp promotions in action in the month of Nov 2021 in Malaysia.

Unilever Official Store GWP - free Luminarc Plate and Lux Luminique product

Image: Unilever Official Store

Earlier, we have mentioned that gwp promotions and sales can also be used across multiple brands. This Unilever free gift with purchase sales promotion is an example: with minimum expenditures on brands owned by Unilever (such as Dove, Lux etc), consumers would be entitled to redeem a Luminarc plate for free.


This model not only helps consumers save more on select brands but also exposes customers to different product selections they may have otherwise forgotten about. It is also the trend nowadays because of how companies try to spend their marketing budgets more efficiently, by creating free items that can stimulate consumers into spending anew.


Many brand companies have been setting up online e-stores and engaging in ecommerce to sell their products. According to a report from Statista, there were 5.9 billion websites in the world as of June 2018. This makes it very difficult for companies to stand out from these many competing products and services. Gwp promotions provide a way for each company to distinguish themselves from their rivals by offering free gifts or other incentives on top of an already-purchased product.

P&G Homecare or Fabric Products Purchasing Promotion: free Luminarc Jar

Image: Shopee

Another company that is also giving away Luminarc branded gift is the P&G, which holds a promotion to giveaway free Lumiarc Jar with minimum spending on Homecare or Fabric products.


One advantage of giving well known branded gifts, such as Luminarc products, as freebies is that consumers already possess brand awareness of these gifts. Just need to advertise these marketing campaigns on social media to inform consumers on the purchase offers, and this will be an effective way to promote the gwp offers, thereby boosting sales for the busy seasons.


Below are more gwp promotions by P&G company in the past few weeks, on ecommerce platform, Shopee. Having a variety of promotions, especially during festive seasons or special shopping occasions like Black Friday sales, is a great way to increase brands and products visibility, attract shoppers' attention and encourage repeat purchases. Who knows, new customers may come onboard and start patronising your brands as well.

P&G Homecare Products Purchasing Promotion: free Diamond Glass Plate, 2pc Cutlery Set

Image: Shopee

P&G offers a promotion for a free Diamond Glass Plate and Cutlery Set with minimum spending on Homecare Products. P&G, as an iconic international brand, provides consumers with quality products and has been very successful in doing so. Having frequent gwp or sales opportunities not only helps the company stand out from its competitors but also build brand loyalty along the way.

P&G Whisper products: free Whisper Hand Towel

Image: Shopee

P&G Gillette products: free Face Towel

Image: Shopee

Towels are useful free gifts that many love to get, as there can be many uses for the towels. Sports towels, Face towels, Beach towels, Bath towels... these are all suitable as promotional products for gwp campaigns.

P&G Haircare brands: free Throw Blanket

Image: Shopee

GWP promotions can be a way for companies to offer incentives and free products as an integrated part of the purchase experience. It is effective because it allows consumers to make better choices by incentivizing them with the use of gratis merchandise.

Redeem Nestle x FamilyMart Food Container

Image: The Idea King Facebook

Retail channels (both online and brick & mortar channels) can create purchasing incentive for consumers to shop with them by having exclusive gwp promotion offers with brands. For instance, when customers spend on Nestle products at FamilyMart, they are able to redeem an exclusive food container. This purchase offer will help in the velocity of sales for both Nestle products and for FamilyMart.


Nestle is running several gwp campaigns for various brands under its umbrella. This gives the Nestle brand a competitive advantage, as the frequency of seeing the Nestle name appearing on the online platform (Shopee) is higher, resulting in better brand's image and higher brand value.

Nestle Cereal - free Outdoor Drawstring Bag

Nestle Milk & Hot Cereal Products - free Fleece Blanket

Image: Shopee

Nestle Milo Nutri Breakfast - free Milo Gym Bag

Image: Shopee

Milo Nutri Breakfast - free Milo Nutri Breakfast Bowl

Image: Shopee

Nestle KitKat - free Cooler Bag

Image: Shopee

Keen to explore the above mentioned items such as Drawstring Bags, Customised Blankets, Gym Bags, Customised Bowls and Cooler Bags as free gifts to loyal customers and potential customers. 


A brand's image can be boosted by a gwp. It’s one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and loyalty in any market. It is always good to have some sort of promotional item/gift with purchase giveaway that customers can take home as a free gift from your products.

Kotex Liners - free Gel Eye Mask

Image: Shopee

Intimate feminine products like Kotex brand is also wooing female consumers with gwp promotional offers. Click here to view Kotex Nail Stickers that DTC World has produced for our client. 

Chek Hup 2in1 white coffee: free Ceramic Mug

Image: Shopee

Mugs are also commonly used as promotional gift items, being offered as free gifts with purchase from retailers to customers who have purchased particular products. Mugs are viewed as very functional gifts. Examples are the three gwp promotions above: Nescafe,   Milo and Starbucks, all giving away mugs that are fully customised to the brands' colour and logos.


Established brands, such as Nescafe, Milo and Starbucks, offer a range of methods to engage existing customers. These can be undirected, such as the mug's free gift inclusion within purchase requirements (direct) or more targeted such as co-operative marketing schemes. All encourage repeat purchases, thereby increasing brand loyalty via time or frequency discounts.


There is also a school of thought that Giveaway should be something that adds value to the product (e.g., an authentic wine bag, a branded travel mug). Thus for beverages and alcoholic drinks products, drinkware such as coffee mugs, beer glass, are often used as promotional gifts in the gwp promotions. 

Benefits of a GWP Promotion

Many industries recognise the potential of branding and sales increase by advertising with giveaways. This means that goods can be given away to inspire additional purchases from existing loyal customers who after receiving the promotional gifts, feel 'bought' or better informed about their purchase.


The gwp promotion is a special offer that you can use to encourage customers to purchase your product. The good thing about gwp promotions nowadays is that they are relatively easy for you as the business owner or manager of a company, because you can promote them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., using hashtags like #gwppromotion or other things like this depending on the company's current promotion schedule. This service helps convert more leads into sales which improves the business' profitability without costing too much money.


Gwp offers are highly sought after by many businesses because they have been proven to increase sales significantly and convert more leads into sales for them. This is how it works: People who receive such freebies will believe it's at least for one good reason – got something extra.

How can DTC World help you in your gwp campaigns?

If you are pondering over gwp ideas for your upcoming marketing promotional campaign, feel free to reach us today.


DTC World has over 10 years of experience in conceptualising, developing and producing premiums and gift items for our clients' marketing campaigns globally.


Share your requirements with us and leave the rest of the campaign fulfilment to our DTC World specialised team!

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