NIPPON PAINT Promotional Corporate Gifts

Brand: Nippon Paint


A market leader in paint and coatings technology, NIPPON Paint solidifies its hold as Asia’s No. 1 coating manufacturer, spanning 15 countries. Presenting the brand’s reputation as a trusted painting solutions provider, our corporate gifts selection for Nippon Paint offers a diverse range of promotional gift merchandise — designed to elevate brand presence and leave a lasting impact on clients, employees, and business partners.


With the integration of leading Australian brand for home improvement solutions, Selleys, into Nippon Paint’s global expansion initiative — logos adaptation across the merchandise sets forth a strong brand visibility: reminding customers of complete end-to-end solutions for your home improvement needs, all under one roof.

The series of corporate gifts that we have fulfilled for a network of Nippon Paint’s regional markets across several cities in Asia Pacific includes exclusive customised waist bag, metallic coating pen, foldable auto open-close telescopic umbrella, portable drinking bottle, personalised playing cards, to name a few — to complement marketing efforts for Nippon x Selleys as well as Nippon Sumo Rewards.


The Results:

The series of Nippon corporate gifts not only incorporates practical and stylish elements, but the merchandise also serves as a powerful branding tool, aligning with Nippon Paint's dedication to quality and innovation.

For instance, the custom waist bag and umbrella are versatile and trendy accessories that resonate with modern lifestyles. Ideal for outdoor events, travel, or daily use, the waist bag offers a unique opportunity to showcase the Nippon Paint brand in diverse settings. Channelling the green message through a reusable canvas tote bag (grocery bag) indirectly echoes your company’s efforts in championing sustainability.

The Ideas:

These merchandise are perfect as employee swag and, at the same time, relevant and impactful as promotional ideas — to reward your external customers for their patronage and loyalty. Each item serves as a mobile billboard, ensuring that the Nippon Paint brand is prominently displayed in various environments — reinforcing brand recall and association.

Corporate gifting

Employee swag

Promotional campaigns (eg. redemption giveaways, commemorative gifts or memorabilia and souvenirs)

Event Promotion

Tools to Drive Traffic to Your Website (eg. incorporating QR code on playing decks, pens, or even tote bags)

Pairing personalised touches — and aesthetically stimulating designs — with carefully selected promotional gift ideas is just part of the investment. Having said that, let us do the hard work for you.


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