Porcelain Bowls & Plates
Rice and bowl go in syn; Bowls and Plates are essential in every household. This promotion definitely catches the attention
Unique Coin Bank
You may be surprised, many of us (especially kids) are still using coin banks now. What can we do with
Keeping Things Dry with a Dry Bag
With the upcoming festive Lunar New Year, many are visiting supermarkets to stock up on beverages & goodies for their
Bright-Colored Packaging Brights Up Your Eyes
Look at this promotion, purchasing the drinks, placed in a convenient & nicely printed reusable PVC bag, with matching free
Creating Perception of Value for Money
When you have an array of products under your brand, why not take this advantage over your competitors by bundling
The Power of Eye-Catching Marketing
This captivating advertisement board caught our attention while we were shopping at a supermarket in Vietnam. Look at the use