Top 10 Gift Ideas that will keep you on Top of your Insurance Client's mind


Pondering what to give to customers who have just bought insurance plans from you?

Fretting over how best to show appreciation to your beloved customers who are so supportive of you over the years?

Our team at DTC has compiled the top 10 insurance client gift ideas for you. The list of items is delicately curated based on the few important criteria below:


       Practical & Useful gifts that can be given all year round

       Distinctive, Stand out & remind customers of you when they use the gifts

     Not too bulky, something that you can pass to customers personally when you meet them. Also easy to arrange delivery / courier to customers (if meeting up is not possible this year).

       Suitable gifts that everyone has use for! 


Top 10 Ideal Gifts that your Insurance Clients / Customers will love:

1) JBL Speaker

Portable and stylish branded speakers. In this era where electronic devices are used widely, a Bluetooth speaker that can amplify music from your mobile devices is an apt gift for everyone. Handy speaker can be used anywhere indoors, can also be easily put into handbags to be brought outdoors.    

2) Travel Coffee Mug / Tumbler

Classic mug and tumbler that can be conveniently used at home or in office. With more emphasis on sustainability and cutting down on use of disposable cups, an increasing number of people are using own reusable mugs, cups, tumblers and water bottles these days. A drinkware that they can use for both hot and cold beverages is an excellently useful & well-received gift.      

3) FUJIFILM Instax Camera