Desktop Notepad Stationery Cube


This Desktop Notepad Stationery Cube is uniquely designed for businesses, marketing departments, or corporates searching for remarkable corporate swag or promotional merchandise that perfectly blends finesse with functionality. This not only serves as a standard memo pad but, with its innovative cube design, it also becomes a remarkable desk accessory. Crafted to sit elegantly on an office desk, it has never been easier to jot down important notes, phone messages, or quick delegate tasks.

Each Desktop Notepad Stationery Cube opens up to reveal the notepad and post-it sets inside, with compartments for cards, paper clips and pen holders. When it's time to tidy up or pack up for the day, the notepad can be easily folded back into its compact cube form, promoting orderliness and providing a neat appearance. The compact cube also makes it easy to give away to recipients.

The exterior of the cube box can be custom printed with your company logo or design. This transforms the cube into a standing advert for your brand, subtly promoting your company each time someone reaches for a memo pad. By choosing the Desktop Notepad Stationery Cube as your corporate gift or promotional item, you are providing a practical, stylish, and creatively brand-promoting stationery item which will be appreciated by all recipients.


11.2 x 10.8 x 10.8 cm (boxed up)

41.5 x 10.4 x 10.4 cm (open up)

RM 0.00 per piece

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