A4 Multi-Functional Leather Portfolio Folder


A4 Multi-Functional Leather Portfolio Folder, an eloquent blend of style, professionalism, and utility aimed succinctly at businesses, marketing departments, or corporates seeking exceptional corporate swag or promotional merchandise, practical exhibitions, conventions or conferences gifts. Crafted from PU leather, each portfolio folder exhibits a classy look that undeniably resonates with the verve of a bustling corporate environment while offering practical features to keep work essentials organised. The A4 size makes it ideal for carrying business contracts, crucial documents, and other necessary paperwork. There are compartments to slot in a mobile device, card holders, a handphone holder, and more…

Beyond the aesthetics and functionality, the multi-functional leather portfolio folder can be further customised with your company's logo imprinted on the cover, offering a powerful branding opportunity. Each time the folder is used, it effortlessly showcases your logo, further imprinting your brand in everyone's mind. 

By merging practicality with personalised branding, the A4 Multi-Functional Leather Portfolio Folder becomes a valuable asset that not only assists in day-to-day operations but also promotes brand awareness. It is a sophisticated corporate gift that your clients, partners, or team would genuinely appreciate and use extensively.

Size: 32 x 24 cm

RM 0.00 per piece

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