Retro Leather Card Holder


This retro-feel leather card holder is a fine blend of time-honoured class and practicality to elevate your corporate gifting game. This choice accessory is superbly suited for businesses, marketing departments, or corporates looking to provide meaningful corporate swag or promotional merchandise that leaves a lasting impression.

The card holders are crafted from leather, designed in a classic and unfading style that promises to age beautifully over time. Sporting a sleek profile, it conveniently stores business cards, keeping them crisp and clean while maintaining easy access for the fast-paced business environment. Adding to its appeal is the availability for personalising the card holder by embossing your logo on the leather card holders. This creates a unique textured impression of your logo, subtly but powerfully hitting the mark of visibility each time the card holder is used. This level of premium detailing is sure to enhance your brand's image by combining your brand with distinguished quality.

The Retro Leather Card Holder makes for an exceptional corporate gift or promotional item that underscores your brand's commitment to quality and sophistication. Not only does it offer utility, but it also ensures your brand stays at the forefront in style and functionality.

Size: 68 x 95 mm; 30g

RM 0.00 per piece

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