Fast Charging Phone Data Cable


Power up your promotional campaign with these customisable Fast Charging Phone Data Cables, an essential gadget for the digital age. Each 3A charging data cable is capable of quick charging and data transfer, saving precious time and boosting efficiency for your stakeholders—be it clients, employees, or business partners.

The cable offers a generous space for printing your company logo. Imagine a constant daily reminder of your brand, right at the fingertips of your stakeholders every time they charge or sync their devices. Made with premium, durable materials, these cables are designed to withstand daily use, ensuring prolonged exposure of your brand. Moreover, its universal compatibility (Micro, Lightning (8 pin), Type-C ports) means it can be used across a wide range of devices, extending your brand reach.

The Fast Charging Phone Data Cable presents a stylish, practical, and impactful way of promoting your brand. Customisable to align with your corporate event theme, this product will seamlessly integrate into your promotional marketing efforts. Being compact, lightweight and portable, this is definitely a must-have gadget for those who value efficiency and convenience on-the-go. 

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