Multi-functional Phone Wireless Charger Mood Light


Light up your corporate branding with our multi-functional Phone Wireless Charger Mood Light, a perfect blend of utility, modern design, and promotional strategy.

This unique gadget functions both as a wireless phone charger and an adjustable mood light. It ensures your colleagues or clients can easily charge their smartphones, eliminating the hassle of tangled wires. What makes this product striking is its mood light function. With adaptable brightness and colour settings, it allows users to create their ideal atmosphere at their workspace or bedside, may it be calming soft hues for a comfortable night light, or brighter tones for a productive workflow.

The sleek design, combined with its multi-purpose utility, renders it suitable for any corporate environment or at home. Just visualise your company logo imprinted on this product. Every time your stakeholders change their light settings or charge their phone, your brand gets highlighted, multiplying brand recall and visibility.

This Multi-functional Phone Wireless Charger Mood Light is an excellent addition to your corporate swag repertoire, perfect as a promotional giveaway or a company gift to show appreciation. The product can be customised to match your brand aesthetics, further enhancing brand identity.

Size: 22*10*7.6 cm

RM 0.00 per piece

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