Festive Mosaic Coaster DIY Craft Set


Breathe life into your Christmas promotions with this Festive Mosaic Coaster DIY Craft Set. This unique gift allows recipients to design their own coasters using mini mosaic tiles, paving the way for a fun, engaging, and truly personal promotional item. Apart from being a wonderful keepsake, it also serves as a great parent-child bonding activity, making it a thoughtful Christmas gift.

This DIY set gives recipients the opportunity to channel their creativity into a functional piece of art. Designing their own festive coaster means that each set becomes a unique representation of the user's creativity - a gift that keeps giving every time they use their coaster. 

By attaching your brand to such a memorable and personal item, you ensure ongoing visibility and positive associations.

Available in several shapes and designs. 

RM 0.00 per set

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