Multipurpose Home Tray


Enhance your promotional campaign with our Multipurpose Home Tray – a functional, stylish promotional gift that effortlessly combines design with utility. Made of durable metal and lined with sophisticated Morandi-colored PU leather, this versatile tray is available in various shapes and sizes. Whether used as an organizer or a serving tray, it's a classy addition to any home setting.

These trays can accomplish any task thrown at them with ease. Be it organizing small items, serving refreshments to guests, or being used as a decorative element, this multipurpose home tray is designed to fulfill numerous household needs. Available in round, square, and rectangular shapes, and varying sizes, there's a tray for every requirement.

Customise the tray with your brand logo or a heartfelt message, making this functional organiser a constant reminder of your brand in your clients', employees', and prospects' homes.

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