Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Set


Take your promotional campaigns to new heights with our portable Bluetooth Speaker with wireless Microphone Set — a premium gift that perfectly matches the festive mood. Suitable for gatherings during the holiday season, this set combines high-quality sound with convenience, turning any event into a captivating musical experience and maintaining a strong recall of your brand.

Customize the Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Set with your brand's logo or message, turning this premium product into an effective promotional tool. It's not just a gift, but an opportunity to resonate your brand's voice in every festive gathering, creating joyful memories that will keep your brand on top of mind.

By incorporating this premium gift in your promotional or redemption campaigns, you elevate your brand identity and ensure it strikes the right chord in people's hearts.


Speaker: 90.4 x 65 x 75.5 mm

Microphone: 28.8 x 70.6mm

RM 0.00 per set

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