UOL Malls Art-Inspired Shopping Bags Redemption Gifts

Client: UOL Malls  


In a retail shopping marketing campaign designed to marry sustainability with consumer engagement, UOL Malls, which manages 3 shopping malls in Singapore, launched a Green Movement promotional campaign under its U-POPP (UOL's Power of Purchase Program) in 2023, to enhance shopping experience, encourage higher consumer spending while promoting environmental awareness. 

UOL Malls engaged us to bring to life an exceptional line of reusable Exclusively Designed Foldable Shopping Bags, blending functionality with high-end designs. 

Discover the confluence of art and fashion with these exclusive foldable bags, each featuring ond of the three distinct designs from artworks by ART:DIS Artists. Each bag showcased diverse front and back views — a testament to creativity and fashion.

DTC World was tasked with integration of 3 unique designs adapted from artworks by ART:DIS Artists onto stylishly designed foldable bags, making these bags not just shopping accessories but pieces of collectible art.

The Results:

By distributing different bag designs across three UOL Malls, the campaign encouraged visitors to explore multiple locations, thereby amplifying the impact of the promotion across the entire network of malls. Image source: U-POPP 

Increased Footfall and Boosted Sales: Encouraging spending to qualify for the promotional gift, the campaign significantly elevated sales figures across all participating UOL Malls.

Enhanced Brand Perception: Aligning with the green movement and showcasing support for local artists elevated UOL Malls’ brand image, fostering positive public relations. 

DTC Services Used:

Design Adaptation, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


The art-inspired foldable bag campaign at UOL Malls underscores the effectiveness of promotional gifts in enhancing retail marketing strategies. By combining the allure of exclusive artwork with the practicality of an eco-friendly product, UOL Malls not only achieved its sales and marketing objectives but also contributed to the broader goals of sustainability and community support. This campaign serves as a benchmark for how redemption promotions can work successfully in the retail sector, blending creativity with corporate responsibility to create a lasting impact.

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