Licensed Character: Colgate x Quby Promotional Ceramic Mugs

Brand: Colgate


One impactful strategy to enhance brand presence involves leveraging licensed characters to captivate consumers' attention and elevate brand visibility.

This next licensed character merchandising project we have assisted prominent oral care brand, COLGATE, witnessed the partnership with the beloved, chubby Starmoly QUBY to promote its products through collectible promotional ceramic mugs.


Our designers have adapted various Quby designs, capturing the witty and adorable character in various daily routines. With four distinct designs to choose from to elevate your coffee or tea experience — these exclusive mugs also serve as limited collectible items that attract both existing customers and potential buyers.


The Results:

Quby, with its endearing persona, has garnered a substantial following, making it an ideal choice for promotional endeavours. By associating with Quby, Colgate can tap into the character's existing fan base, thereby expanding its reach and fostering deeper connections with consumers — of all ages.

We have assisted our client in creating a sense of exclusivity through this series of limited edition promotional ceramic mugs and, at the same time, incentivise consumers to engage with the brand — thereby reinforcing brand loyalty.

By aligning with a popular and wholesome character like Quby, Colgate can convey a lighthearted and approachable brand image.

The Ideas: 

Licensed character merchandising can be effectively adopted across campaigns, offering brands like Colgate a potent means of enhancing brand presence. A highly practical item which customers can utilise in their daily routines — whether at home or in the workplace — they inadvertently become your walking billboards and brand ambassadors, showcasing the Colgate-Quby synergy to a wider audience. This ultimately heightened exposure contributes to increased brand recall and recognition.

✅ Promotional campaigns (eg. redemption giveaways, commemorative gifts or memorabilia and souvenirs)

✅ Employee swag

✅ Event Promotion

Tools to Drive Traffic to Your Website (eg. incorporating QR code on promotional mug)

✅ Exclusive collectible merchandise

Through this collaboration, Colgate stands to cultivate stronger consumer connections, widen its market reach, and reinforce its brand identity, ultimately solidifying its position in the ever-evolving consumer landscape. If you wish to explore more befitting licensed characters to complement your marketing efforts, just give us a buzz. Our product specialists would be thrilled to share more insights with you.


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