Edelweiss Regional Promotion Gifts

Brand: Edelweiss Beer


A range of promotional merchandise designed and produced for Edelweiss Beer. These exclusively supplied promotion gifts include Edelweiss branded Embossed logo T-Shirt, Tote Bag, Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Carabiner Bottle Opener, Phone Ring Holder. They have been supplied to China, Malaysia and Singapore markets. 

These point-of-sales merchandise are made available on an e-portal managed by DTC World, where Edelweiss Beer offices around the world are able to place orders for their marketing needs. The platform automates the process of order consolidation across different countries, thereby achieving better economies of scale for global brand. 

DTC Support: Design and Set Up of E-Store, Web Hosting and Maintenance, Inventory Management and Reports, Provision of Analytical Reports and Key Findings, Merchandise Design, Sourcing, Production and Delivery.

Showcase projects by our regional offices:

Bia Việt Medal by DTC World Vietnam

Quantcast Lunar New Year Gift Set by DTC World Malaysia

DZS Merchandise Portal by DTC World Singapore