Crafting Engagement On-the-Go: The Aperol Spritz Push Cart Experience

Brand: Aperol Spritz 


In a market filled with different types of beverages, making a unique and memorable statement has always presented a challenge. Aperol Spritz, celebrated for its distinctive cocktails, solicited our expertise to strategically assert its brand during events and create a vibrant hub for customer engagement. This project perfectly captured our offering in providing effective point-of-sale merchandising solutions that enhance brand visibility.

A key desire of Aperol Spritz was to capture attention at different events and amplify its brand resonance. The demand was for a versatile point-of-sale display that was not only visually striking but also functional across multiple contexts.

With the client's objectives guiding our strategies, DTC World embarked on the creation of an exciting solution — the Aperol Spritz customised push cart.

Image credit: Aperol Spritz Singapore Instagram

The Aperol Spritz Push Cart served dual purposes—driving sales and functioning as an engaging prop for event-goers to take photos against. Its vibrant brand colour made it an attention magnet, reinforcing the company's signature orange hue among attendees. 

The Results:

Brand Awareness Amplified: The push cart's striking colour and design made Aperol Spritz a standout presence at every event, enhancing branding awareness.

Increased Engagement: Acting as an interactive mechanism, the push cart encouraged guests to interact with the brand, strike conversations, and share their experiences on social media platforms.

Repeated Usage: Built to be durable, the push cart served its purpose efficiently across various events, solidifying its success.

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


This positive venture with Aperol Spritz exemplifies our commitment to equipping brands with innovative POSM solutions that not only cater to their promotional needs but add value in fostering lasting connections with consumers. Be it events, expos, or retail spaces, our dedication lies in creating point-of-sale merchandise that speaks the client's brand language fealty and maximises their promotion potential. The Aperol Spritz Push Cart reinforces our belief in the effectiveness and longevity of a well-conceived and thoughtfully executed POSM solution.

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