Celebrating Nissin Cup Noodles Anniversary With Custom Branded Merchandise

Brand: Nissin Cup Noodles 


In continuation of our illustrious partnership with Nissin Foods, we proudly highlight these Nissin Cup Noodles promotional merchandise crafted for celebrating a milestone: Nissin Cup Noodles’ 52nd Birthday Festival Celebration in 2023. Nissin’s desire was not just to commemorate another successful year in the market but to elevate their brand experience through premium, inventive merchandise that would captivate the hearts of noodle enthusiasts worldwide.

Nissin Cup Noodles towel as a free gift in each of the Anniversary Bundle Pack. Image credit: Nissin Foods Singapore Facebook

To match the festive spirit for Nissin Cup Noodles’ Birthday Festival, the merchandise was geared towards creating an engaging, memorable brand interaction. Each item was intricately designed to showcase Nissin’s iconic branding and to serve as tangible mementos for consumers. These weren’t merely promotional items; they were collectibles embodying the Nissin legacy. 

Nissin Cup Noodles Mirror Phone Holder and Ching Zai Plushie as special redemption gifts for Nissin Cup Noodles promotional events. Image credit: Nissin Foods Singapore Facebook

Leveraging the emotional connect with its customers, the merchandise was crafted not just to reflect the Nissin brand but to serve as a bridge towards creating a memorable customer experience. The uniqueness lay in the custom-designed products that were functional, aesthetically pleasing, and held a collectible value, amplifying the joy of the festival.

The Results:

Positive Reception: The response was overwhelmingly positive, with each merchandise piece receiving acclaim at the roadshow events. Attendees were thrilled to receive innovative memorabilia that celebrated their favourite Nissin Flavours.

Customer Engagement: These creative items served as conversation starters and played a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility and lifting customer engagement.

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


The Nissin Cup Noodles promotional merchandise illustrates our company's exceptional ability to provide unique and fresh ideas for marketing and corporate branding events. Through our comprehensive services from design to logistics, we assisted Nissin Foods in achieving their goal of brand awareness and created a stir with their products, nestled perfectly at the intersection of brand presence and consumer interaction. Our merchandise goes beyond mere promotion; it’s a conduit for brand storytelling and memorable experiences.

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