Stir the Branding Hot Pot: How to Stand Out With Unique Promotional Gifts This Lunar New Year


The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world. It's a time of new beginnings, family reunions, and cultural traditions that bring communities together.

As is customary, businesses all across the world are attempting to profit from the festivities. It's an opportune moment for businesses to leverage this festive occasion to promote their brand and connect with customers. In this next article of our festive special, we have cherry-picked a selection of refreshing gift ideas for you to complement your CNY promos and marketing efforts.

Discover how you can add endless personalisation possibilities to these gifts to amplify your upcoming CNY campaigns — and make your brand stand out from competitors. All in our Year of the Dragon: Festive Gift Guide!

Get More Eyes on Your Brand With the Right Promotional Gifts

Festivity is a time when people are in a festive mood and more receptive to brand messaging. By incorporating the cultural traditions and symbols of the Lunar New Year into your marketing efforts, you can create a deeper emotional connection with your target audience — going beyond just selling a product.

When choosing promotional gifts for the Lunar New Year, it's important to consider your target audience and brand messaging. Your gifts should be aligned with your brand values and resonate with your target audience. In our previous blog, we shared with you our “12 days of Christmas joy”. In this article, let’s check out our favourite picks — featuring gifts that showcase functionality, artful decoratives and commemorative keepsakes — to keep your brand top of mind, as your customers indulge in the “15-day celebration” of the Lunar New Year!


A Refreshing Festive Gift Guide to Entice, Excite and Impress

Impactful promotional gifts can help to improve brand recognition, ameliorate customer experience, and enhance brand engagement. If customers feel like they have a strong relationship with your brand, they’ll talk about you — and spread the word to others in their network. With better brand engagement, awareness and loyalty will grow.

Here are a few brilliant ideas for oriental promotional gifts to get you geared up for the lunar festival!

1. Dine with auspicious motifs: Ceramic dinnerware


Promotional ceramics are one of the most sought-after gift choices to capture customers’ attention. Embody the surface body with a minimalistic elegant design, complemented by festive motifs, just like this Festive Scarlet Symphony Bowl Collection and Oriental Soup Bowl. Eye-catching ceramic serving dishes not only enliven your dining experience, but they are highly durable; and perfect for any occasion. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: Ceramics can be customised into any shape or design according to your preferences. Likewise, colours can also be varied to boost attractiveness. The exquisite Festive Scarlet Symphony Bowl (a 5-piece ceramic bowl set), presented in a presentable packaging box, embodies the perfect promotional gift that will certainly leave a lasting impression. Complete a family reunion dinner with an elegant Oriental Soup Bowl, a serving dish that will be the showpiece of your seasonal promotional strategy.

Crafted to embody the mood of the Lunar New Year, we simply adore these ceramic pieces that are adorned with symmetrical and floral motifs, donned in vibrant red colour. Both functional and eye-pleasing, a delightful choice for marketers to brighten up their CNY campaigns — this ceramic dinnerware brilliantly captures the essence of the festive spirit, keeping your brand close to home, for sure!

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, win-n-collect redemption campaigns, event giveaways, employee gifts

2. Prosperity yusheng plate to toss up good fortune


A visually appealing and symbolic dragon-themed Oriental Lifestyle Yusheng Plate that is perfect for the “lo hei” tradition — will garner greater brand awareness for your brand. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: Another timeless promotional gift idea, this Oriental Lifestyle Yusheng Plate is visually appealing with the golden dragon motif on a bold red. A befitting promotional gift to express appreciation towards your business clients and customers, this gorgeous yusheng plate will surely get more eyes on your brand in the Year of the Golden Dragon!

With a two-week-long celebration during the CNY, there will be endless reunion dinners, parties and gatherings. Make your brand the centre of any conversation, elevating your brand presence throughout this festive season.

(Have you checked out our Darlie x Miffy Ceramic Yusheng Plate — a licensed character promotional gift? Excellent for the “lo hei" tradition, the serving dish is also a perfect piece for special occasions or daily use alike — surely stimulates appetites even before the first bite!)

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, limited-edition online campaigns, employee gifts, event giveaways

3. CNY Motif Glass Container


A very useful storage item that is adorned with adorable festive motifs of the Spring Festival, these CNY glass containers definitely come in handy during family gatherings and parties. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: The classic lanterns, firecrackers, and auspicious symbols brilliantly capture the festive charm of the Spring Festival. We like the idea of how handy these glass containers are after all the dining is over (especially during family gatherings, and parties) — and you readily store or pack away the food. With ample space for personalised touches to echo your brand message, we are certain storage items like this are one of the more impactful (and useful) promotional gifts with a high brand recall.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, limited-edition online campaigns, event giveaways

4. PET Stackable Food Lid Cover


The transparent design of this stackable food lid cover makes it convenient for you to clearly see the food items inside the container. The stackable feature can save space for you, especially during dinner functions or gatherings. Just add your logo, and trust us, your customers will appreciate what a considerate this gift is. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: The minimalistic, yet super efficient when it comes to space-saving is clearly one of the many reasons we find this stackable food lid cover an excellent gift choice for your CNY campaign. Perfect to stack up your dishes, to create more space for table setting while having guests over for a meal or two. Branding messages can also be customised accordingly on the ample space available. For instance, a clear and well-positioned imprint of your logo on the lid. A ‘flavourful’ gift idea to win the hearts of your customers.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, event giveaways

5. CNY Customised Print Collapsible Storage Box


Perfect for decluttering desks, storing mementoes, or organising household items, this collapsible storage box is a versatile and highly practical gift, a perfect storage organiser. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: No one will say no to another storage box. For one that comes with an ergonomic design, topped with highly customisable adorable (festive) motifs and thematic elements — it is a sure hit! Speaking of its spacious and collapsible structure, this storage box also makes a functional travel companion; e.g. for outdoor activities, or picnics. Personalise it with your brand's logo or a unique design to reflect your company's identity, transforming it into a memorable part of your promotional campaign.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, limited-edition online contests or campaigns, prospecting gifts

6. Oriental Festive Basket

Elevate your promotional campaign with a delectable au naturel bamboo Oriental Festive Basket this Chinese New Year. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: Crafted from bamboo, giving it an au naturel and authentic feel, this Oriental Festive Basket is sure to elevate your gifting campaign. Incorporating thematic festive elements and design motifs, here’s one befitting gift item to showcase your appreciation gesture for your customers in a nostalgic and elegant way.

To top it off, the eco-friendly material used in its design can also echo your brand’s support for a greener planet, further inspiring customers to go green, too. Be the first brand that comes to your customers’ minds — whether it’s during the festivity or at the mention of sustainability.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, limited-edition online contests or campaigns, corporate gifts, employee gifts

7. Multifunctional CNY Candy Box


Candies, snacks and all things sweet presented in a multifunctional candy box or serving container certainly add an elegant touch to any festive offerings. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: Apart from the vibrant red hue, the unique designs of these multifunctional candy box and serving containers will surely be the talking point among your guests during home visits.durable materials for your promotional shopping totes is a sure-win. Your customers would fall in love with attractive and trendy shopping totes like this customised tote. Not only do they make a loud fashion statement, they are spacious and sturdy, too. Multifunctional and perfect for any occasion, they would surely amplify your campaigns and boost those sales numbers!

These ‘trays of togetherness’ are highly durable, perfect to store pretty much anything you want. We love how practical the design is, and how aesthetically pleasing its design is to complement any space décor at home.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, limited-edition online contest giveaways, employee gifts, corporate gifts

8. Premium Collectible Poker Cards

Want to add a creative twist to your regular poker cards? These Premium Collectible Poker Cards come with an eye-catching fanned-out card box — makes it a memorable gift, perfect for forging a lasting connection between your brand and the celebration of festivity. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: This Lunar New Year, protect your playing cards in this artsy and distinctively creative fanned-out box. Not only will this premium deck of poker cards enhance your gaming experience — its unique design certainly makes it a much sought-after collectible gift for your customers and clients.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, event giveaways, prospecting gifts

9. Mandarin Orange Carrier


Make an elegant fashion statement with this lovely mandarin orange carrier this festive season. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: Our next CNY pick is this joyful pink Mandarin Orange Carrier. Beautifully adorned with festive motifs, this handy multifunctional pouch offers a stylish way to celebrate the Spring Festival — in a traditional and trendy way. Comes with a convenient drawstring closure and handle for easy carry, we simply adore how its classic cotton canvas material and eye-catching designs effortlessly complement any festive attire.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, event giveaways, prospecting gifts

10. Prosperity Pouch


This Prosperity Pouch allows you to reinvent classic motifs to deliver New Year blessings with a modern twist. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: Amplify your branding and get closer to your prosperity goals with this Prosperity Pouch. Use it as a red packet holder or ang pow holder, either way, this ‘ang’ gift idea is going to bring you more ‘ong’ this festive season. Practicality wrapped up in an elegant traditional design — reinventing classic motifs to deliver New Year blessings with a modern twist.

The pouch offers more than just the aesthetic appeal. The design allows ample space for you to add your company's logo, optimally positioning your brand to gain ample visibility each time the pouch is used.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, limited-edition online redemption campaigns, event giveaways prospecting gifts

11. “Tong Qian” Spoon Set


“Tong Qian” Spoon Set. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: The exquisite design inspiration which is symbolic of the ancient Chinese copper coins, draws relevance to wealth and prosperity. A delectable and meticulous gift like this “Tong Qian” Spoon Set is a winning gesture for marketers to showcase their appreciation towards their valued clients, business partners and employees. What a captivating gift to extend auspicious greetings!

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, limited-edition online redemption campaigns, event giveaways, corporate gifts, prospecting gifts, commemorative collectibles

12. Festive Plush Toy Ornament


Everyone loves a cosy and plushy that is both adorable and huggable whenever you want it! Perfect as a décor item, these festive-themed cushions are surely a “hit” among customers. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: This series of CNY-themed huggable cushions is definitely one of our faves! Imagine snuggling into an upsized love letters pastry bolster, or a mahjong tile plushy that sits comfortably on your couch. As symbolic and nostalgic as they are, these festive-themed cushions are perfect promotional gifts for events and campaigns to ‘wow’ your customers.

Ideal for: promotional GWP giveaways, redemption campaigns, limited-edition online campaigns, decorative ornaments, event giveaways

13. DIY Collectible — Festive Lion Building Blocks


Enjoy a little DIY and engaging activity with this unique miniature Lion Dance building blocks set. Perfect as a décor item, these eye-catching nano blocks are going to be one Instagram-worthy collectibles, too. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: If this is not cool, we don’t know what is. Perfect as a decorative ornament to celebrate this CNY, this miniature Lion Dance building blocks set is also an engaging leisure activity during gatherings with family and friends. A significant element of the Lunar New Year celebrations to bring prosperity and good luck, make sure your brand gets close to heart among your customers with this attractive promotional marketing merchandise.

Ideal for: limited-time only GWP or campaign redemptions, exclusive online campaign collectibles, decorative ornaments, contest or event giveaways

14. Mini Gold Dragon Ornament


Mini Gold Dragon Ornament. Image credit: DTC World

Why we like it: With its exceptional detailing and radiant finish, this decorative ornament serves as an ideal trade gift or a delectable gesture of appreciation for business partners and valued clients.

The Gold Dragon Ornament represents power, strength, and good luck — offering blessings of abundant success and prosperity for the year to come. Simply incorporate personalised touches to echo your branding message or company logo — to boost the impact of your festive promotions and reinforce enduring relationships with this visually pleasing, culturally significant gift.

Ideal for: exclusive client (VIP) gifts, promotional merchandise, limited-time-only GWP or campaign redemption gifts, corporate gifts, decorative ornaments, event giveaways, commemorative collectibles

15. Exclusive Promotional Mahjong Set



Let us show you the endless possibilities to personalise your exquisite mahjong sets, as the perfect marketing tool to amplify your branding. IImage credit: DTC World

Why we like it: The Chinese Spring Festival wouldn’t be truly complete without one of the most popular leisure activities — mahjong. More than just a tile game, these mahjong tiles are tools of mass entertainment, rich in symbolism and cultural significance. An activity of colourful history that represents traditional culture, mahjong is one of the hot ‘favourites’ when it comes to quintessential table games among many Chinese folks — eg. at social parties or gatherings.

There are endless possibilities as to how you want to customise your ultimate mahjong set. From the design motifs that go onto the acrylic tiles to selecting the material option for the box (packaging) — where you can choose from aluminium, wooden or PU leather, etc.) — add a class of prestige and personalised touch to your brand. A powerful marketing tool to promote your commercial offers, allowing your brand to be the talk of the town this Spring festival!

Ideal for: exclusive client (VIP) gifts, limited-time-only GWP or campaign redemptions, special seasonal online campaigns, corporate gifts, commemorative collectibles

How to amplify your brand with licensed characters in your festive-themed promotional merchandise?

If you’re looking at expanding your reach and visibility, consider pairing up your campaigns with licensed characters! You can include special features or add-ons to accentuate your festive promotional gifts, providing a unique representation of your brand in a refreshing way.

For more insights into selecting your desired promotional gift items and personalisation methods, reach out to us and our product experts will be more than happy to share them with you.

Explore unique and refreshing gift ideas to elevate your festive marketing this Spring Festival.


Closing Thoughts

Chinese New Year is a significant festival that provides businesses with an opportunity to connect with their clients and employees on a cultural level. By offering thoughtful and culturally significant gifts, you can amplify your marketing campaigns, boost sales, and solidify your branding. brand presence felt beyond this festive season. We hope this festive gift guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to boost your brand through unique gift-giving during this holiday season.

The selections of promo gifts are endless. It could be traditional gift hampers, custom-made red envelopes, or virtual celebrations — the key is to show appreciation and respect, through a subtle dose of festive traditions and culture. Embrace the festive spirit, and make the upcoming Chinese New Year a memorable and prosperous occasion for your business and stakeholders.

If you’d love to find out more about the Chinese New Year gift ideas we’ve shared in this blog, just put our team to work — and our product and gift experts would be more than happy to fill you in!

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