Latest Gift-With-Purchase GWP Promotions In Malaysia for May 2022


It goes without saying businesses are constantly scratching their head  looking for effective marketing ideas or strategies  to increase their brand presence in the heart of their customers and in the market. 

One of the most prominent marketing efforts around, Gift With Purchase (GWP) campaigns are executed to keep brands fresh in the mind of their current, and even potential consumers. Practical, environmental-friendly, sustainable, fashionable, or simply an exclusive addition in the display cabinet  you may find yourself searching for the 'ultimate' GWP items that are able to give you all of that.

In a nutshell, you want your promotional gifts to be useful. The logic is simple: because, we know that the more frequent the individual who receives the item has access to it  the more he or she will interact with your business. (And you most likely have your favourite coffee mug sitting in front of your now, with some brand logo on it.)

One of the key objectives to offer GWP to your customers is to have them leaving the shop happily, knowing that the brand really cares for them. And this speaks volume: the personalised touch. As marketers, you want to foster strong customer relationships while you strive to boost your brand awareness.

Cut through the noise

As companies strive to build a brand presence for social and environmental good, it doesn’t come as a surprise when some of them may have forgotten that promotional materials should also be taken into account as part of the change we wish to see — that is, a greener world.

Do you ask how you can increase your (company’s) visibility — and make yourself more memorable by gifting things that have a smaller footprint? Yet, comparatively, offering a much larger practical usability?

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute's (ASI) 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study46% of buyers say they have a more favourable opinion of a brand if they receive a swag item that's environmentally friendly. This indicates a significance of what your brand name echoes to your customers. Projecting your company values something bigger than itself speaks volumes to your consumers  and it is one of the best ways to connect with today's buyer.

Let's find out what's been capturing consumers' attention through some of the interesting GWP campaigns in May 2022.

Cut down plastic, bring in the swag

Versatile, environmentally conscious, and chic! Add a touch of trendy fashionista — on top of convenience  through these customised tote bags. Whether you take it to work, or on a vacation over the weekend, it’s going to be “tote for thought”.

Abbott Glucerna – Free Canvas Tote Bag

Image: Guardian

A gorgeous Mother's Day gift simply perfect for the occasion, mums are going to be flaunting this lovely jute bag from Herbal Farmer.

Herbal Farmer – Free Reusable Jute Bag

 Image: Herbal FarmerFacebook

Kellogg's – Free Cooler Bag

 Image: Giant

Personalised tote bags are a great way to make an impact on your audience. With a plethora of materials to choose from  recycled polyester, repurposed nylon fabric, jute, natural fibres  DTC World prioritises sustainability and minimalism as one of the utmost important criteria in our material sourcing and selection. For more about the various designs you could explore with tote bags, connect with us and we’ll fill you right in.

Genki – Free Kid's Sling Bag

 Image: Shopee

A sustainable kitchen organiser

The biggest plastic polluters are single-use plastic bags and plastic food materials. Do you want to store your food safely — and longer — without causing any harm to the environment? Eco-friendly food storage containers not only keep your food fresh in the fridge; and let's admit it, they do make our fridge look better, right? buyer.

Eco-friendly food storage containers help to keep your kitchen tabletop and dining area neatly arranged and visibly more pleasant to the eye, too. With air-tight containers, you can now wave goodbye to messy plastic wrap, butcher paper or sealable bags the next time you arrange groceries.

Biogrow Oat – Free Glass Container

Image: Guardian

Haier – Free Cruet Set

Image: Haier Facebook

Unilever – Free Glass Tumbler

Image: Giant

Ring in festivity in an eco-friendly way

It is all about family and celebration — and food when it comes to festivities. And Cadbury knows just the right kitchen tool you need to add the extra flavour (and warmth) for all your Raya recipes throughout the holy month of Ramadhan and Aidilfitri. Check out this gorgeous ceramic baking dish!

Cadbury – Free Baking Dish

Image: Shopee– Mondelez Cadbury

If you wish to explore other customised designs on GWP items to get into the festive moods — for instance, Chinese  New Year ang pow packets, we've got it, too!

Key Takeaway:

Promotional gifts may not be one of your company's biggest expenses. Yet, what kind of promotional items you choose do speak a lot about your company. With the increased awareness towards sustainability fast becoming part of our day-to-day life, consumers often consider a company's environment footprint before they spend the dollar. 

And your company can be part of the global effort and #breakfreefromplastic. This is a chance for your organisation to promote responsible consumer choices, while meeting your business goals: visibility, employee recognition, branding, to name a few.

If that rings a bell, or it might be something you wish to explore, get in touch with us for more insights into sustainable promotional gift ideas for your company

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