Incentivized Meeting Premiums – The CommScope Success Story : Global Virtual Partner Conference 2020


With in-person travel temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, conference planners are looking hard for new ways to ensure that participants participate actively in the virtual conferences, whether it is actively participating in the talks or networking virtually.


With the incentivized virtual meeting model, the opportunity to get exclusive premiums enhances the online-event experience for all participants.


Prior to the virtual event, CommScope and DTC World Corporation spent a great amount of time and effort to personalize the gift redemption process and also the premium gifts selection. 

How does the incentivized Virtual Meeting Premiums Redemption work?


Participants are given opportunities to rack up virtual points for each talk that they attend to and each active participation during the Virtual Conference. At the end of the Virtual Conference, participants’ accumulated points are tallied up and they are given a sufficient duration to redeem their gifts and get their exclusive earned premiums shipped to their doorsteps.

The Success Story


Being one of the pioneers in doing something out of the box, the numbers were encouraging. We had a total of 358 participants for the Virtual Conferences. By the end of the conference, there were 108 participants who redeemed their premiums from the conference. The participants came from Singapore, India, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, China and Japan.


We conceptualized attractive premiums such as Premium Backpacks with Phone charging capabilities, Travel bags, travel adapters, usb sticks and many more.

Stylish & Functional CommScope backpack, suitable for Executives

Compact CommScope Travel Adapter. Convenient to bring everywhere. 

Durable Stylish Travel Bag. Suitable for travel & sports uses. 

The Redemption Website

A user friendly redemption website was built for the user redemption process which includes the points received, order history and the delivery status.

With an enhanced incentivized virtual meeting model, this incentivized the users to participate more effectively without the need for travel.


If you are looking for a partner who can help you plan your virtual conference premium incentive premiums, do CONTACT US today.

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