Giving Expensive Promotional Gifts


Yes, you didn’t read wrongly, it is indeed possible to give away expensive gifts for your promotions.

You must be wondering: are you kidding? It is impossible!

In this post, let us take a look at how some merchants give away expensive gifts for their promotion campaigns. 

For the promotion pictured above, the retail merchants utilised the points system for customers to redeem gifts. By buying products from the participating retail outlets, for every $30 spent, customers accumulated 1 point. To redeem a gift from the catalogue, one could choose to use up 4 points in his account and top up a nominal amount; or he could use up 8 points in his account and pay the rest with a lesser amount of money.


This redemption promotion is interesting & smart in the following ways:


Points Redemption System creates incentives for Customers to purchase

By having a points system, it is equivalent to having a purchase account, and this sort of creates a sense of belonging to the brand / outlet.

To customers, subconsciously, it is also human nature to want to attain & accumulate as much points as possible. This already prompts customers to make purchases.

In addition, with the points that customers have attained, they can use them to redeem merchandises. This is like bonus and benefits for buying from the participating outlets.

Even though customers need to pay to redeem the gifts, the amount paid is less than the retail selling prices of the gifts, As the gifts are branded, customers are usually acceptable to forking out nominal amount to top up for the redemption. 

Redemption criteria is enticing

Providing a catalogue of varying merchandises for customers to redeem enables customers to have options. In this promotion, customers are able to select from close to 10 gifts in the redemption catalogue. All gifts are items that can be used, or also apt to gift to friends & relatives.

Customers can choose the item they want / like, taking into account the points they have accumulated, and how much they are willing to top up with extra money. Alternatively, it also gives customers a target to achieve: to attain more points (which means spending more at the outlets), to redeem the ideal gift they prefer!

Either way, this give customers choices. And we all like to be able to have the freedom to choose! 

Have you been planning for numerous promotions for your brand & products, and would like to try something new & refreshing? A redemption-style promotional campaign is definitely a good alternative! And there are different ways to carry out the redemption processes.

DTC has experience in crafting ideas for clients’ promotional campaigns in this aspect, and we have the digital platform to assist you in your redemptions.

Contact DTC today to understand more on our capability!  

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