MOTOROLA Solutions Promotional Corporate Events Merchandise — Regional Fulfilment

Brand: Motorola Solutions


Businesses constantly search for innovative ways to boost their brand's visibility and increase customer engagement. Promotional gifts like corporate events merchandise not only serve as a token of appreciation for your recipients, but they also act as a walking advertisement for your brand. By gifting these items to your customers, you not only create a positive impression — but also ensure that your brand is visible in their everyday lives, thanks to the items’ high brand recall.

Here’s a look at the selection of high-impact events merchandise we have sourced and designed for MOTOROLA Solutions. Thanks to our regional presence and geographical advantage, DTC World has fulfilled a network of Motorola’s regional offices across the SEA region, namely Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Our cross-border logistics footprint supports cost-effective, fast regional shipping and international fulfilment all over the world — allowing your brand to take on new markets confidently.


The benefits of using promotional events merchandise extend beyond brand visibility. These items also serve as a powerful marketing tool, generating leads and driving sales. For Motorola, we have designed some exclusive day-to-day functional items, which we incorporate highly visible personalised branding elements, e.g. soft sports flask, quick-dry microfibre sports towel, portable towel case, face mask holder (lanyard) with buckle, unique stainless steel ‘batwing’ napkin holder, reusable cotton tote bag, customised post-it pad, and customised T-shirt.


Alternatively, this selection of events merchandise also makes befitting employee swag for your team members. Terrific options to refresh business relationships, these aesthetically stimulating items offer a gifting experience that truly dazzles. Mix and match the gift ideas and present them in a personalised canvas tote to further accentuate your brand, establishing a lasting impression on your recipients. From merchandise selection, and design ideation to order fulfilment, let us do the hard work for you.


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DTC Services Used:

Design adaptation, Sourcing, Logistics, Production and Delivery

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